4 Signs That May Require a Dedicated Server

We have gathered some factors that may influence the purchase decision (or rent) a dedicated server . The main “symptoms” of this need are:

1. Your website has become so popular that its traffic is already beginning to “weigh” on your current server. If you want to control this situation, and always provide the best possible performance to its customers, a dedicated server is the best we can do for your business online.

2. You want a website that is as professional and attractive to potential customers. A major problem that may cause the visitor is your website design or have a look unprofessional and be slow in loading their pages. If your client does not feel confident to navigate through your website or if you have to wait forever to load pages, images and flash animations, it is very likely not be able to sell your product. It is also very likely that the same client from going to their competition.

3. Does your website need for improvements in hardware or software, such as disk space, bandwidth, specific programs to support their business, etc.. In a dedicated server will make these changes at your own pace and manner that best serve their needs.

4. Need a website with exceptional security measures such as private development projects, using the most advanced technology, systems or even ecommerce more advanced than those provided by your current company. Your customers may also require premium features that can not be met without the presence of a server itself.

In general not all can use a dedicated server due to its relatively high cost. However, you must be aware that this type of solution is the most advanced, it can provide the best experience for your visitors want to level of performance as well as the level of security and customization.

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