Automation in Data Centers

In early processor era Data Centers was intended to maintain single centralized platform with only a single operating system. These Data Centers were usually related to only few applications. In those days computer workloads were well understood and well controlled, irrespective of the fact that Data center management was complicated. Those days are history now and today’s data centers are now have countless servers which are running n-number of applications with various operating systems.

This complexity in managing data center is dangerous and in many organizations it the level has fallen to a risky level. The ability of data centers managing complex computer workload is falling day by day. Adding to the woes the observing bodies now demands that whole IT operations of an organizations should be monitored more strictly.

In the Data Centers each supportive function is separate from other supportive function inside an IT department and they do not coordinate with each other. Just for an example the group taking care of data management does not coordinate its activities with network management. This lack of incorporation can be blamed on the uncontrolled growth of the industry. When in the initial stage Data Centers were never expected to grow such huge.

Even many Data Center Services are experiencing lack of space. If you go through the below given points it will be clear why a volatile solution is needed:

  • Efficiency is required in the use of resources and power consumption.
  • Virtualization techniques should be implemented to facilitate resource productivity.
  • Observation and security of multiple servers.
  • Process management should be changed in contrast to the industry needs.
  • Business process which are circulated in highly distributed environments should be encouraged.

In this age business world has became more and more active then before. Often an organization is seen with a network which is spread amongst its suppliers, partners and customers an that needs a perfect management. With time as companies will depend on these networks it is crucial to manage the networks associated in a active and expected style.

Though requirements for different business are different but what every business expects from the Data Center Services is all the same, like excellent level of the staff  and expected costs. On the first impression it looks simple but it actually gets complicated when new connections are demanded and  new applications are added on the demand for new suppliers, customers and partners. Those business which fails to provide new technologies soon get obsolete from the demand.


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