auto-scaling-ban02With the cloud hosting services, you will get the following options

Automatic Scaling

Internal control system load will allow to change the resources in real-time(CPU cores, memory, processing power and disk space). Increased load – the system will automatically add the power within previously defined limits. After reducing the burden of server resources will be returned to the original.

Easily create servers and networking

The ability to quickly create a computing cluster, distributing the load between servers, synchronizing their work in the internal subnet. Each server can be optimized for a particular type of tasks: database server, data storage in memory, quick reference to the file system or the return of content via the web server, and so forth.

Easy cloning of backups

Not just convenient to keep backups of your server, but also to create an exact copy of the server at the time of backup. For example, to understand the causes of an error or malfunction. Or just keep alert properly configured back-end or front-end servers, if necessary, to expedite the process of adding new servers to the cloud.

Pay per consume billing

Customers can now rent a cloud server running on eNlight Cloud to test technical solutions without overpayments.

Detailed statistics

Analysis of the statistics of capacity utilization allows you to set a schedule for automatic configuration of resources in the cloud. Real savings can be obtained by adjusting the automatic change of computing resources depending on the season, day of week or time of day.

Fine-tuning and load balancing

Ability to create a mirror of the primary server in case that, for various reasons to be unworkable to duplicate its functions. Or to create rules for the distribution of load to ensure maximum resiliency of cloud computing. Configure routing and load balancing in the cloud will allow easy addition of balancer.

Built-in Firewall

Firewall allows you to configure access rights to different interfaces clouds for better protection against unauthorized access and hacker attacks.

Mobile app

Often, there may be situations when you want ultra-fast intervention in the setting of the cloud. Or just need to quickly track the consumption of computing resources.

More information on eNlight Cloud App is available at this link.

Application Programming Interface

Managing cloud via the API allows you to temporarily allocate resources to run the event, which had previously required a constant reserve capacity. Through the API, you can perform any manipulation for setting up, with the same capabilities as in the control panel.

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