Best Way to Keep Data Centers Cool

Equipments in Data Centers work round the clock let it be day or night, hot or cold, data centers works continuously. Huge power is used in order to keep data center working. Main part of that power is used in keeping that equipments cool, because continuous working can cause overheating and eventually burning down of the equipment. Not few but most of the data centers waste their power in their cooling systems.

Many research are being conducted by scientist round the globe to find out the solution. So far the best solution is shown by a team of engineers led by The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. This whole project is backed up by company giants like IBM, Intel Corporation, HP they all are funding the team to bring new system which can cool the data center without using much power.

Till now the team has find out a system that delivers the most favorable amount of cooling to the equipment. The system is not a complex machine meshed up in infinite wires and toughest looking programming codes but it works as simple as a pendulum. Simple first take temperatures readings from the servers which are feed into the Data Center Building controls through sensors. As a result air conditioning system keeps the facility cool on its own.

The team wrote a software which was used to fill the gap between management systems. Previously these systems were running separately for facilities management and IT. Typically these systems were kept separate from each other in most of the companies. Not the team of scientists connected the two systems and now the companies are reaping huge profits.

About 80% of the Data Centers have their temperature sensors on their computer air control systems better known as CRAH units. 11% of the data centers are following a better way then the previous one and placing their temperature sensors in the aisles between server racks. The best way is to link the servers up directly into the cooling system itself. As promised by the team their research will be ready commercially within a year.

One strange fact in this research is that nearly 90% of the Data Center Services are keeping their temperature down by 5 degrees cooler than required.


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