Building Your Own Data Center

Recession was the biggest blow to the worldwide businesses let it be from any country or region in the world. Every business lost many customer and developments were very slow. Construction of data centers is also harmed by the worldwide recession, because of the recession even big companies are not building their own data center but instead they are leasing one instead.

Quantity of these kind of companies is growing on an exponential rate. There are many companies sometime called as wholesale data center facility operators. All such data center facilities include all the modern day data center qualities like raised floor space, HVAC cooling, excellent power supply and security. In order to make the colocation services more flexible these kind of organizations offer customized data center management, construction and designs.

Some of them promote themselves through colocation services. Leasing data center is getting famous because most of the companies want to avoid the capital investment required to build the whole infrastructure. Craze of data center space which boomed in the era of dot com bubble is filled up recently. Now anyone who wants new space has to consider third party operator.

Financial executives mostly fund in those data center investments which reduce operating cost like automation and virtualization. Some other organization which are looking in the future are investing in Cloud Infrastructure. In last 12 months footprint has grown up to 15 million from 13 million square feet.


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