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What Do You Mean By Colocation Hosting?

Colocation hosting is a step ahead of dedicated hosting. It is similar to dedicated server hosting where the complete resources are allocated to your website but in this case you are owner of the server. In simple words, you purchase the hardware of your choice and place it with the hosting company, and you just rent the physical space in their data center and high-speed internet connectivity.
With colocation facility you have the flexibility to choose the hardware configuration of the server you deem necessary and the software needed with it. The other requisites...

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Fame of Colocation Hosting

Colocation hosting is getting popular day by day, in this type of modern hosting people sign up for rack space in data centers. Because of the craze of Colocation Servers demand for new colocation centers in India is increasing. Every now and then new data centers are opening.

In order to be...

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Building Your Own Data Center

Recession was the biggest blow to the worldwide businesses let it be from any country or region in the world. Every business lost many customer and developments were very slow. Construction of data centers is also harmed by the worldwide recession, because of the recession even big companies are not building their own...

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TCO for Cloud Computing

We already saw what is Total Cost Ownership of a Data Centers. Cloud Computing a new kind of technology which is being considered as the future of hosting and web world. Cloud Hosting has got many advantages over other traditional hosting services like VPS hosting, Shared Hosting or dedicated server hosting.


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Misconceptions About Automation in Data Center

Automation brings many benefits to the data center services like better service levels, less operational costs and above all an improved performance for the data center. But still organizations are afraid of adapting to data center automation. Ignoring the current some of the advancements made in automation in data centers previous developments added...

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