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Types of Cloud Computing

Whenever IT always need to add capabilities or increase capacity without investing in a new infrastructure, licensing new software, or training new staff first word that came to your mind is Cloud Computing. Any subscription based or pay-per-use service over the Internet is included in Cloud Computing, it helps in extending IT limits. You may have come across various analysts, IT customers and vendors talking cloud hosting and its features. Based on the various discussions here is in rough what really means:

Utility Computing

A comparatively new but well acquired form of Cloud Computing. It...

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What is Client Server?

Client server networking or computing helps in partitioning tasks or distributing work load between service providers and service requester’s, who are known as clients. Client Server is a distributed application architecture. It is seen that frequently servers and clients operate on a computer network on separate hardware. Server machines which share...

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Important Steps for Data Center Design

Constructing a Data Center takes a lots of research and resources. There are many points to be cared of and instead simply planning some rough design, you need experts for the job to be done. Planning a Data Center is not just placing some servers and racks. Carefully follow the below given points...

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Evolution of Data Centers

Most of use believe that Data Center services came into existence all through late 90’s in the dot com boom. But the true fact is that data centers are as old as early computer era previously known as private computer rooms or dedicated computer rooms. Since early computer systems were large, complex room...

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Portable Data Center

Sun MD or Sun Modular Data Center was known as Project Blackbox when it was under its prototype phase. It is an unique portable data center which is built in a intermodal container or shipping container. Standard size of an shipping container is 20-foot. It is marketed by one time company leaders Sun...

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