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Data Center Knowledge

The Data Center is an environment designed to house servers and other components such as data storage systems (storage arrays) and active network (switches, routers). The main purpose of a data center is to ensure the availability of equipment that run critical business systems of an organization, such as ERP or CRM , thus ensuring business continuity.

In general, a data center must contain:

Network Infrastructure

The Data Center must have redundant connections ( links ) with at least one provider in a Autonom ous System (AS) structure. This framework aims to ensure that systems hosted in...

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Email in the Cloud: Problems and Solutions

  • September 05, 2012
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Cloud computing is changing the ways IT can function for enterprises. It has opened up new opportunities for efficient, cost-effective, and customized operations for handling enterprise data. Cloud email is one such cloud-based service that is attracting businesses and they are looking for cloud email service providers to host their email. But there still...

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Geographically Located, Redundant Data Centers (Part I)

With the growing role of information systems in ensuring the smooth functioning of business processes of enterprises and organizations have increased the risks associated with the inaccessibility of data and information services that implement core business processes. The availability of enterprise information system is directly related to the continuity and business efficiency.

Availability of data centers...

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Flexible Data Center Infrastructure

Data Center Services are designed for general government, state institutions, police, army and clients (such as banks, insurance companies), also bound with particularly high standards of corporate security and reliability associated with its use of systems.

The versatile and flexible data center infrastructure, the technology used and highly qualified and experienced staff allow for the provision...

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A Good Data Center For Guaranteed Services (Part I)

The technology used in data centers India is to ensure the proper performance of IT services.

Outdated physical infrastructure, inadequate or unreliable technology may result in unplanned downtime which will be leading to the deterioration of the credibility of your business, costly business interruptions and perhaps the loss of sales or customers. The temperature control can...

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