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Discover How To Improve The Performance of SSDs to 300%

  • October 23, 2014
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A team of researchers from Japan Chuo University has made an important discovery, through it would be possible to improve the performance of the SSDs up to 300%, further reducing consumption by 60%.

Sounds good, right? So it is best that this milestone is that, its implementation would occur through a firmware upgrade, allowing even relatively old SSDs can get to benefit from this discovery. That said I do not expect more, sure you are dying to know how this improvement can be done as more as possible, so I offer an explanation as simple...

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Managers Increase Investment In Digital Marketing in India

  • August 18, 2014
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Ninety-seven percent of managers of online commerce in India plan to increase their investments in digital marketing. The main priorities for the year 2014 were to increase conversion rates, brand recognition and activation of new customers. But getting it is not easy. Information is State Of Search Marketing: India 2014, conducted by Exact...

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Open source hardware platform for mobile phones – Phonebloks

Over the past 15 years, science & technological innovations are emerging exponentially. There is a new product in the tech-market every day. But the dark side: these new products have also increased e-waste exponentially. This expeditious upgrade in technology is making e-waste and serious issue around the world.

In recent years mobile devices like smartphones, tablets,...

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Windows 8 In 6 Months: 100 Million Licenses Sold

Tami Reller, responsible for marketing and finance of Windows 8, said at a session of questions and answers about what happened in last six months of commercial launch system.

In these six months over 100 million licenses of Windows 8 were sold. The number includes all types: OEM licenses (that come with new computers, dedicated servers,...

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