Challenges in Operating Data Center

Data centers are important for every kind of business. Saving your data keeps your companies operating and any downtime can cost you a lot of time and money. Maintaining a data center, running 24X7 is a big challenge, and the companies which provide data center services face many problems. Early when the computer era started dedicated rooms were created to keep computer equipment safe, cool, and free from other contaminants. Only these dedicated rooms later evolved into Data Centers.

As the computer era was developing very swiftly, various departments congregated in these dedicated rooms to form the earliest data centers. With the dot com bubble client-server networking become significant for IT companies and the dedicated rooms were changed to higher designs. Now these dedicated rooms are grown up into fully managed Data Centers, and maintaining these is not easy and include several challenges like:

Operating cost of Data Center

Cost of operating Data centers is very high and companies often got shut down due to this factor. Companying a large data center with all the essential equipment is not a small job. All the necessary equipment and servers are expensive. By designing data centers properly, you can reduce operating costs and make them sustainable. In order to accomplish this, energy-efficient equipment and renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power can be used. Furthermore, proper cooling systems can be installed to reduce energy consumption. Businesses can contact Walt Coulston (or similar professionals) who can guide them on how to run sustainable data centers. This could help them reduce operating costs.

Companies providing data center solutions have to pay employees who are skilled in maintaining servers in the data centers. Also, those employees have to work around the day. Getting employees for a data center is a very costly business. The solution for this problem is that instead of buying the equipment and hiring all the staff on their own, companies can use the service of some other data center providing their services.

This process helped many companies to decrease their cost of operating with providing good service.

Maintaining a Data Center
Maintaining a data center is crucial for safeguarding data, ensuring continuous availability, optimizing equipment performance, adhering to compliance requirements, and supporting disaster recovery efforts. It enables businesses to operate effectively, protect valuable assets, and deliver reliable services to customers. Managing and maintaining such a large-scale and complex infrastructure (where downtime is not acceptable) can be challenging, requiring specialized knowledge, skilled personnel, and effective asset management systems. Fortunately, both Smart Hands and Remote Hands services are available to businesses utilizing data centers, by utilizing which they can effectively manage their infrastructure.

Remote Hands services encompass tasks such as server reboots, checking connections, securing cabling, and basic equipment observation. These services allow businesses to remotely handle data center management. On the other hand, Smart Hands services are more comprehensive and involve tasks that require a physical presence at the colocation facility. These include large deployments, firewall setup, equipment troubleshooting, complex cable configurations, and operating system installations. Smart Hands services typically require additional expertise and are billed separately by the hour, as they go beyond the standard colocation fees. Businesses have the opportunity to understand the differences between smart hands and remote hands services and select the most appropriate option based on their specific requirements. They can conduct an online search and gather more information related to the subject matter.

Physical Space

Early data centers were small not more than a room or few rooms, but as the industry grew the larger and larger size of Data centers grew considerably and nowadays they cover acres of land. It is hard to manage the servers, important equipments and cables in a Data Center. Finding space for a huge data center is a big problem for many companies. You can outsource data centers from other companies, instead of building dedicated space for large data centers.

Reliability and Security Dilemma

Now even if the companies pass the challenges of staffing, equipment expenses, and physical space, companies still have to face the challenge of providing security and reliability. Reliability of a company is directly related to the reliability of the Data Center and if the data center goes down for any possible reason it will affect the company’s business.

Security and reliability are only possible if the staff is properly trained and the security is at the right place. Another factor for the good reliability of a data center is a disaster recovery plan. Disaster recovery plan is the reason for the coming back of a company.

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