Cloud Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are one of the most kind of servers in the world. After dedicated servers, VPS hosting is the one most preferred by the clients.  Dedicated server is divided into several virtual slices and each of that slice acts like a small dedicated server.

Users of one virtual server didn’t mess with virtual servers on the same dedicated servers. Cloud hosting is another famous hosting package, it is considered as future of web hosting. In Cloud hosting, multiple physical servers are connected in pool like formation, hosting resources are supplied on demand.

From the customers point of view this whole pool looks like a single dedicated server with the resources as CPU, Disk space, RAM equal to hundreds of physical servers. The customers are charged on the basis of what they use, most like a modern electricity billing. Cloud hosting is definitive cost effective approach in hosting that’s why it is considered as future. Cloud Virtual Server is a combination of two best technologies in hosting world. A Cloud Virtual Private Servers are not hosted on a single dedicated server just like traditional VPS, instead it is hosted within cloud servers.

Each physical server provides resources to each of the VPS created. Cloud VPS are considered as more reliable than normal because it is not attached to a single server. Slicing is done by all the servers thus making it failure proof hosting solution.

A Cloud VPS server can be easily created with complete automation. Whole process of assigning and identifying cloud resources and creating VPS is done by central OS. All you have to do is few simple clicks and step sand your Cloud VPS will be ready to use. Taking this point into consideration many hosting providers charge their customers on a hourly basis.

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