Colocation Hosting

Colocation servers Hosting is one of the most love hosting plans of the modern times. In a Colocation Hosting multiple customers locate servers, storage and networks to telecommunication providers and various other network service providers and likewise reducing cost and complexity. Data Centers should be monitored throughout the year. All of your systems should be placed in a Data Center with appropriate cooling and filtering systems, proper options to work even in the case of power failures. It should be strong enough to face natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes.

Colocation is highly flexible option for both small and large buisnesses. Not just being flexible Colocation Hosting is cost-effective and best solution for your buisness. With Colocation servers Hosting as the option you can excel world leading buisnesses. Whether you owns private dedicated server or just a single rack make sure the Data Center they are placed are well managed and secure. Also make sure there are no issues of cross connection fees, since many times the servers is hosted with one and internet connectivity is provided by someone else. It is the resposible of the host to provide uninterrupted connectivity and that should be without any major disturbance. Colocation facilities majorly use two kind of dedicated cooling systems CRAC (Computer Room Air-Conditioninf Units) units and chillers. CRAC is a system which controlles air-conditions and ask them to never stop. Continuously working servers can heat up a thousands square foot of room only in minutes. CRAC units prevent heat buildup server rooms by continuously cycling. Chiller system is somewhat traditional way of cooling with lots of pipes circulating chilled water throughout the server rooms.

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