Crazy For IT, The Challenge Continues


Currently tale a team of 40 members under my management and have the daily challenge of turning this team, which has the technical excellence of its most striking feature, in a support team crazy for IT.

This play on the words “you” and “IT” (Information Technology) is a challenge that really translates into our mission to serve you well, though hard, every day we can confirm that we are on the way sure. Certainly we cannot achieve a 100% satisfaction, however, currently we have reached the 89% satisfaction index.

This past year, I attended several lectures, symposia and also did a coach on “care” for improvements in management. Undoubtedly, each of these actions contributed greatly to the critical view of our model of care in which we seek, increasingly excellence through a model of continuous evolution.

What has become clear over the past year is the fact that as the years of experience of an employee makes a difference and at this point, we can say that we did not save mouthful resources. We always care to make our team creating a great working atmosphere, an organizational climate also praised and maintaining a fair remuneration aimed at domestic growth.

It is an illusion without talking about people, we focus on internal processes and tools to support the service, but still focusing most of the time in people, training and education.

In a recent lecture I heard that you should never say that your team is like a family, the explanation being sustained by the thesis that every family has problems, however, I do not agree with this statement. I think our team is a united family with problems, but also with attachment, where we worked together for many hours weekly and sometimes with people who are part of the team for over eight years.

This family faces many difficulties that are resolved daily by continuous quest for excellence and the tranquility of our customers.

We also believe that, although a careful process, the model must be scalable in order to support growth. However, the same care applied in the initial training of staff and should be applied continuously, always thinking about the goal that is to provide excellence.

About Author:

Pravin Ganore, Digital Marketing Strategist working as Subject Matter Expert (SME-SEO & SMM) at ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. . He has over 6+ years of experience in the online, social media, and digital marketing industries. Besides Search Engine Marketing experience, he manage unique online & digital marketing strategies, building unique online brand identity & presence, increasing online visibility and e-business efficacy, and converting online audience to leads, and also do: – SEO, SMM, SMO, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, PPC Advertising, Website Marketing, Website Analysis, Website Promotion & Other Internet Marketing Activities.

He is skilled to stand out with niche acquaintance of IT. He has sound knowledge of SEO, SMO & other Internet Marketing activities; moreover, expertise on different domains like Cloud Services, Hosting Industry, Dedicated Server Hosting In India,  Data Centers, Technology and many more.

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