Data Centers and Colocation

Since Data Center services providers works as a heart of network service delivery it requires best of best technologies available in the market. All the hardware and software technologies used in the Data Center should ensure the customers 100% availability and scalability at the best possible lowest cost. As we all know in colocation all the servers are placed off-site mostly in the premises of service provider. One benefit your company can take pleasure is that colocation permits your network to stay up and running without disruption. Mostly colocation providers are judged by the availability of the services at their Data Center. A good colocation provider is the one who offers multiple active power and cooling delivery options, constant maintainability, system redundancies, enhanced physical security and fault leniency.

Different types of charges included by colocation providers are:

  • Bandwidth required for network connectivity
  • Physical space required to house all the servers
  • Category and quantity of power required
  • Quantity of cooling required
  • Amount if UPS required
  • Level of  physical security

Other than the above given services many colocation providers also offer managed services with benefits of patch management services, monitoring, configuration and data backup services, for each of these services however they charge extra bucks. Hosting providers is the most related business to colocation. Hosting providers use all the above given services as well as the servers on which they are hosted on. However this different from colocation where you have full control over the server, since you own the server. Hosting is less expensive, but colocation is more flexible because you can expand what is provided. Colocation plays an important part in today’s modern IT infrastructure. Colocation is a good option in terms of cost, but if your company needs larger pace requirements then its not a wise option.

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