Data Centers Concepts

To understand what a data center initially need to remember one of the main features of the functioning of the Internet.

The Internet is a world wide network that connects computer systems from all over the world in a decentralized manner. As it is decentralized, each node of the network is able to perform communication with others directly, exchanging information via connections to high speeds for fiber optic cable or satellite.

On each node data center is present, which is one of the key elements of the functioning of the Internet. This is where the servers are stored that host your website and is also leaving communication cables that lets your website to be found by visitors from anywhere in the world.

Data centers india are normally built in the form of large buildings and offers three basic services to its clients, those are an uninterrupted supply of power guaranteed by diesel generators, controlling temperature and humidity of the environment, and offers 24×7 Internet connectivity.

As it is expected that sites stay up and running round the clock, the servers that host them also requires to work uninterrupted. To achieve such level of operating, the data centers are usually powered by electricity from different substations, and come with diesel generators capable of supplying off with the power requirements of the servers in case of disruption in electricity supply.

Internet connectivity is an another aspect that should always be present in a data center, because without it the servers hosting your website can’t communicate with other nodes of the Internet, allowing it to be accessible from all over the world. As in the case of electricity, this internet connection band is provided by more than one ISP, which helps to connect the data center via fiber optic cables for high speed internet.

The servers and other equipment are subject to overheating due to the fact that they worked 24 hrs a day without interruption, one of the services offered by the data centers is the controlling of the physical environment (ie. Temperature and humidity). This control allows servers to work in a limited temperature in data centers.

In the current market, the customers can use the data center services in two different ways: by hiring a dedicated server provider, that manages the data center or by opting colocation services, where you just rent the space and provides your own server to the data center.

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