Dedicated Server Colocation

  • March 06, 2014
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Colocating your dedicated server can be a good option for housing your expensive hardware at some reliable datacenter which will reduce overall server hosting cost. Many big organization have considered server colocation as an affordable & reliable option for hosting your server.

It presents an cheaper, attractive alternative to building and maintaining a sizable very expensive data center.

There are many benefits for keeping your hardware & network equipments off-site at some secure & reliable location.

Following are benefits of colocating your hardware at datacenter…

– Most important is the cost factor, it eliminate the up-front costs for setting up and building your own data center.
– You can deploy your required IT infrastructure based on your current network at much lower budget.
– Relocation :- If you are planning to relocate your company physically without affecting your network status then such colocated servers/hardware will help you avoid any sort of network downtime or other interruptions.

Well, though there are few benefits of colocating serves/hardware we should not avoid it’s disadvantages.

Dedicated server colocation is not favorable if

– The overall space and load requirements for your company network is high.
– Your server hardware requires intensive management.
– If physical security is a major concern for your company.

Server colocation service providers will charge you depending on total physical space required, amount of bandwidth, amount of UPS protection, quantity and type of power distribution, and the degree of physical security needed, server management etc… hence you think as if server colocation is not a one-size-fits-all solution for data centers. it’s like choosing between buying your own house versus renting an apartment, your decision to maintain your own data center or hire a colocation provider should be weighed based on your current & future network requirements.

Usually colocation is preffered for short term benefits for smaller organisation, but the option of colocating/housing servers and network equipment off-site should be evaluated after doing your research & homework.

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