Difference between Semi-Dedicated and Dedicated Server Hosting

  • March 10, 2014
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Dedicated server hosting has been an all time favorite for business owners looking for independent server space and performance. It has been a winning choice for corporate enterprises with huge server requirements. Dedicated Server Hosting is being provided by many web hosting service providers.

If you business requirement are continuously growing but have not reached up to a scale wherein you can make a switch to a dedicated server then you could cater to your growing requirement by going for a Semi-Dedicated Server. Semi-Dedicated server hosting will provide you with all the same features and functions as of a Dedicated Server, the only difference being that there will be 5 to 6 users in total for that Semi-Dedicated Server. Semi-Dedicated Server hosting has seen great increase in demand in the recent years because of its suitability for growing businesses. It has become an ideal choice for users looking forward to have independent server space but at an affordable price.

Both these server are completely managed by the web hosting service provider, also providing support. Having independent server space would ensure that you don’t face any downtime because of other server users. Its very important for business owners to avoid any kind of downtime because it has a direct affect on the daily business of the website or company. Thus the only difference between Semi-Dedicated server and Dedicated Server Hosting is the number of users. There can be upto 5-6 users for a Semi-Dedicated Server wherein a Dedicated server would be only yours.

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