Enjoying Virtualization

For most of the people server virtualization sounds something complex, but if you will go through it you will find it much more easier. Virtualization is considered as one of the mainstream technology and it is the popular solution for data center management for every type of company. Understanding the basics server virtualization allows you to run multiple guest  operating systems which can be either same or different on a host operating system on a physical server. Operating systems are divided in order to reside each application on its own virtual machines or virtual server on the hardware platform. Benefits associated with virtualization are endless and it is specially very much good for small business. Most important benefit is lowering the cost for the owner and it also includes many smaller benefits like:

  • Improve physical space in Data center and also reduce server sprawl.
  • Hardware maintenance cost is reduced since number of physical servers are  also reduced.
  • Speed up the network thus making provision for new services.
  • Performance and resource utilization is improved.
  • Applications are quickly developed and organized and downtime is avoided due to maintenance windows.
  • Flawlessly mange and scale the infrastructure based on various industrial demands.


There are many software which helps in organizing server virtualization. Some of the most famous and most conveniently applied virtualization servers are:

Windows Virtual Server

Windows virtual server is loved by those who only want to have Microsoft type of environment, using Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 operating systems. There are two versions provided by Microsoft for its Windows Virtual Server 2005 Standard and Enterprise Edition. Enterprise Edition supports can host a server with as much as 32 processors. Standard on the other hand support server with only 4 processors. The enterprise edition can be downloaded free of charge.


It is launched almost three years ago. XenSource is based on a open source project sponsored by Linux and known as Xen. It is a good option for those who like open source products then proprietary ones. XenSource proved itself in cost effectiveness but it still has to prove itself in quality service.


It is the leading software of the virtualization process. Launched in 1998 it was VMWare which bought virtualization to the mainstream through  X86 computing platform. There are option for everyone from small to big business and at the wide range of price points. Features of VMWare are never ending and it benefit’s the host for every server environment.


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