Enter the world of Cloud Computing

  • November 05, 2013
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The “cloud” is nothing more than the completion of tasks, such as task processing and storage of files, from an internet connection. With the cloud you can get a virtual disk that can store the file on a secure and reliable storage server. The types of storage work with a data storage that is updated with every modification. Enough USB sticks and CDs! Many of the people who deal with technology ever in life have come across a problem in hd computer and lost everything they had stored.

Not to mention the mistakes that some discs USB sticks from nothing and give the cds have a term of life. With cloud storage, these problems never happen. With the cloud, you no longer have a physical hd to have a virtual hd. In this virtual disk, you can store any kind of file, ie, worksheets, videos, photos, texts in word, pdf or other extension applications, among others. To access them, simply have an active connection to the internet. As a curiosity, cloud storage in India, today is an instrument that has made life easier for teachers and students no longer need to carry large files in USB drives or CDs and are at risk of failing to submit an assignment, a conference, a lecture etc..

You can create a community of friends and discuss with other users with common interests. Advantages of virtual hd “In the Clouds” has security against viruses and suffers much less defects hardware of a physical device. As the virtual HD is accessed by password, privacy and security are guaranteed. Not to mention it’s a great option for those who travel frequently, because cloud services can be used anywhere in the world. Discover the best clouds in the Indian market, there are several cloud services.

The list is huge, but among all the providers, ESDS has excelled by being a site easy to deal with platform, allowing the users to store and share files. Additionally, you can search and browse for various types of materials stored in the accounts of other users.

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