Factors That Are Of Prime Concern To A Data Center

Letting others take care of managing your server might not seem to be an ideal solution for you, but it is definitely is a cost-effective solution. Moreover it is a sensible step to house a server in a reliable data center facility than in you your own house and maintain it by yourself.

In India, there are multiple web hosting companies who are proactive in fulfilling your requirements and colocating the servers in their Data Centers. For any hosting provider in India or any place on the globe, the Data Center is a very important aspect of their business. However, it becomes more crucial when you look forward to colocate your server hardware at a data center.

In order to avail the colocation services offered by a web hosting company, you are required to own a server hardware. The data center provider would provider you a rack space and other resources required to run the server.

Considering the factors related to Data Centers India, it doesn’t limit only up to the colocation services, these factors should also be considered while opting for any basic website hosting plan. You should confirm from the web hosting provider about the server location i.e. where is the data center located.

Some primary aspects that must be considered are stated below

Renewable Sources for Power Systems

The data center must have a perfect power system in place. They should be capable of providing uninterrupted power supply inorder to run the servers. The data center should be equipped with multiple power systems inorder to cope with power failure of the primary systems. Any reputed and reliable data center provider should be equipped with stand-by power generators, UPS etc. These factors would ensure that your server would never run out of power and would not go offline due to loss of power.

Location and Environmental Consistency

The geo-location of a data center facility plays an important part in the success of your online business. If the intended traffic to your website is from India, then it is important that your dedicated server hosting is placed in a data center based in India and not any other geographic location. The servers and its components are sensitive to heat, therefore, inefficiency of maintaining the server temperature can cause your server hardware to suffer physical damage and hence a loss in the performance. Having a standardized HVAC (Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning) system would assure you that the data center would operate in the most suitable conditions. When building a data center, utmost importance is given to the location of the infrastructure.

These infrastructures need to be built in a no Seismic zone, i.e. in a region that doesn’t not have a history of earthquakes and neither are there any chances of such natural calamities in the future.

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