Flexible Data Center Infrastructure

Data Center Services are designed for general government, state institutions, police, army and clients (such as banks, insurance companies), also bound with particularly high standards of corporate security and reliability associated with its use of systems.

The versatile and flexible data center infrastructure, the technology used and highly qualified and experienced staff allow for the provision and implementation of successful projects including:

  • Data processing;
  • Data backup and archiving;
  • Archiving of paper documents;
  • Keeping backup data centers;
  • Outsourcing Certification Center;
  • Support for mass mailing;

Network Infrastructure Data Center allows for efficient and trouble-free operation and continuous monitoring. Advanced hardware and software resources of the center to protect against intrusion attempts and attacks from external networks.

Ensuring the continuity of the technical infrastructure of the Data Center is realized by all the possible duplication of its elements. In addition, guarantee the physical security of stored data and devices provide advanced systems: alarms, access control, enhanced with bio-metric solutions, closed circuit television from a long-term image recording, auto-identification keys and a system for early detection of smoke and fire extinguishing system. Own, separate power line, power generators, allowing the maintenance work and emergency power supplies provide high power in case of power failure and during long-term interruption of electricity supply. Data Center India network has its own backup well, an active center for redundancy.

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