Geographically Located, Redundant Data Centers (Part I)

With the growing role of information systems in ensuring the smooth functioning of business processes of enterprises and organizations have increased the risks associated with the inaccessibility of data and information services that implement core business processes. The availability of enterprise information system is directly related to the continuity and business efficiency.

Availability of data centers India and information services depend on the reliability of all aspects of information systems and organization of their interaction. However, the level of accessibility may be affected by erroneous or malicious user actions, and external factors: man-made disasters, natural disasters, terrorist acts, etc. Thus, even if all components of information system are duplicated in case of failure, but are concentrated in one place, it can not guarantee full availability of data and services. Effective solution in this case is to choose data center services.

Acceptable downtime information services and the inaccessibility of data is determined by the nature of problems solved Computing Centre. According to the resources, loss of hours of downtime IP brokerage account for 6.5 million dollars for the center of airline reservation losses amount to about 100 thousand dollars

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