Grid Computing A Review

Grid computing is a type of distributed computing system which is connected to port which is a interface for network to Ethernet or something similar to Ethernet.In grid computing provides these computers an option to combine together and can give performance almost equivalent to a super computer these computers have an option of combining together and these can be individually controlled this concept was developed by Ian Foster who is denoted as “father of Grid”.

Grid computing has this superb feature of sharing system resources otherwise known as CPU scavenging unused system resources it basically steals unused CPU time its like getting a job done 10 computer with low configuration instead of getting it done by high end computer it speeds up the process increases the efficiency resulting in better results.

Presently IBM is working on a project called Kittyhawk which will based on the concept of shared computing. Grid is fabricated from open standard  interfaces like TCP/IP protocol.Grid give flexibility of sharing not only CPU power but other system resources like disk space, Database, software application with help of grid computing. Its like a parallel computing and performance depends on the size of the network its connected to.shared computing creates a grid which uses unused resources in a network (organisation,worldwide,local).

Future of Internet will be based on grid computing and this technology is highly efficient whole world which uses Internet is network and scientist have a vision of developing it into a grid computing that means each desktop each laptop or any gadget which is connected to Internet will be in that grid and will be sharing resources that will take user experience to next level.That is why it is said future of Internet will be Grid.

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