Importance of Backup Plan

All the large businesses and companies have large number of clients and customers. When you are operating large number of clients, first thing that comes to your mind is backup for all customer database because if you loose that you will loose everything. Every document of your company should be protected and backed up. If some unexpected disaster strikes and you lost of data, this may result you pay huge amount of fine to your clients.

Instead of paying a thousand of dollars registering with disaster recovery plan which will make virtual copies of your files. Another way of not loosing your data is to have complete recovery of an entire technology infrastructure. However this plan can cost you a lot of money and can only be used in most serious case. In such case everything is recovered hardware, data, IT equipments, application and communications.

This whole procedure takes a lot of time and it is not possible for the companies which works round the clock and consistently. To solve the problem, most of the companies have their own Data Center, all the Data is protected and kept safe. Data Centers are mostly located in the outskirts of a city away from the traffic and chaos of the main city. Data Centers are heavily monitored and protected since most of the companies depend on them considerably.

Building material of a Data Center should be strong in order to stand still against the most fearful natural threat earthquakes and also other serious threats like bombs and weather condition. In recent years not just bigger companies but smaller ones keep backup data for their clients. If your company survives after loosing data in some disaster consider yourself in the list of lucky ones. Some time back a survey showed that only mere 6% companies which lost data in some kind of disaster continues in business.

43% failed even to open again and 51% were closed after two years. Initially you feel that a data recovery plan will cost you some extra bucks, but later on you will this save from alot of expenditure that could be a lot more then what you have invested.

Backup plan

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