Importance of Data Centers Location

Most ideal locations for a data center is the one which have sufficient supply of electricity, near to vendor market and generally a cold place. Perfect site for Data Center Services location is the one which is not prone to flood or any other natural calamities. Also it is better to avoid locations near to any air or water contaminating industries.

One small but important point is to avoid tress which produce sap. If you are near to a cold lake or river which has no possibilities of harming the data centers than you can use the water as cooling agent thus total cooling cost will be reduced. All these points are important when you are building a data center. Most if the time data centers are used for the following purposes:

  • Data Storage
  • Application Hosting
  • Web 2.0 services
  • Streaming Video Source

To provide the above requirements of customers you need to think about latency and the demand of bandwidth. Bandwidth is more important than data storage. Data storage units which include normal servers as well as colocation servers, are often placed far away from each other for the reason if something disastrous happens simultaneous damage can be saved. But they shouldn’t be placed very far because there is need of synchronous file replication.

Data Centers India which are totally dedicated to provide application hosting have all type of provision for the customers those who are running applications which requires heavy bandwidth like mail services. These kind of applications need well-organized transmission protocols. Some other applications where even a delay of millisecond can damage millions require high latency, like market data feeds for financial services.

High latency is the requirement of the data center near to these business as they can’t afford delay. Web 2.0 applications are the strangest one as they include so many types, web storage, web services like security and confirmation. However only requirement of web 2.0 applications is tremendous high performance of connectivity out and inside data center.


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