Important Steps for Data Center Design

Constructing a Data Center takes a lots of research and resources. There are many points to be cared of and instead simply planning some rough design, you need experts for the job to be done. Planning a Data Center is not just placing some servers and racks. Carefully follow the below given points and make sure your data center is built on the basses of some solid research work.

  • Make it Simple – best design for a data center is simple and sober. It sounds funny but it’s a fact. Simple designs have a lot of advantages over a complex design like it will be easier to support, use and administrator. If somehow a problem occurs, it can be fixed much faster.
  • Plan in Advance – if you are not planning in advance it can cost you later. Hope for the best and plan for the worst. Instead of thinking that everything will workout, think about the problems that can occur. Planning will help you to be on the right track.
  • Act an administrator – if you will use standardized sections will make your work easier. Also in the future if there is a need for some upgrade or adding more server, you will know how and where everything will work perfectly.
  • Allow Flexibility – expansion is directly proportional to flexibility. Flexibility will allow space for your data center whenever technology changes or some upgrade takes place. Also if your data center will have room for change, it will help you to adapt in the changing environment of the technology.
  • Care for Weight – server are heavy and be prepared for that. Assuming that your floor can support the weight of the server can result in heavy loss. Make sure floor is of the correct type and is strong enough to support the servers.
  • Use Aluminum tile for Raised floor – aluminum can handle the weight of the servers and racks more properly than plastic or ceramic tiles. Using some other material you are risking server and all the other equipments. Aluminum decreases the chances of buckling your floor under its own weight.
  • Use of RLUs –  RLU (rack location unit) can define your capacity more properly than squarer feet.
  • Labeling – most of the people overlook this step when they built Data Center. Labeling will help you to remember things more easily. Specially cables need to be labeled, because if you don’t do that even to find out a single cable can make you pulling out the whole floor. It will take some extra time but will help in the end.


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