Learn the key differences between storage and backup files online

  • October 14, 2013
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Cloud computing technology has become a new way to store a file. However, there are two basic differences marked into two procedures. The own file storage itself is intended to save the most space they occupy on the hard drive, since the excess files, especially heavy, greatly affect the performance of the PC in general. While allowing the user a virtual safe to store files overloaded with data, provided by hd virtual “cloud” is the most efficient way to perform backup of all important files and irreplaceable.

A single data source disorders can bring untold Assuming it takes someone to perform a thorough compilation of files, this procedure aims to save extremely relevant information to the user and that he did not want to take the slightest risk of losing them. Save these documents in an external hd can look smart. And what is possibly in more than 90% of cases. So it works. The problem is trust so essential data – sometimes to the future of a company – in a single device. That would be a flippant attitude, since the option of virtual hd already been tried and tested by thousands of people. This means that the system is extremely safe.

Because the backup in the “cloud server hosting” is more reliable

Besides being protected by robust servers that even in case of failure of the network, can keep files safe due to a data-based proof of any fault, keep priceless files in the “cloud” frees the user from possible harm caused by physical accidents, since the hd online is intangible. cloud storage free unlimited Storing a file in the “cloud” can cause a low or no cost to the user. With an interface that follows the trend intuitive, the site contributes significantly to the user does not waste time optimizing it to the fullest. For this, the developers have designed the system based on their own operating system used daily by everyone.

In addition, the site operates as an extensive social network in which the focus is sharing files among members. unlimited file storage and remote access In today’s world, nothing beats the benefit of movies, books, records, HQ’s – among a multitude of file types – available anytime, anywhere. The only requirement is that you have internet connection. Likewise you can watch a movie on your tablet or notebook, you can perform many uploads want. If you are far and away to find an online version of a favorite book, for example, just download it and leave now properly stored in a “cloud dedicated server”. Anyone who experiences quickly becomes adept Even the most skeptical have experienced the virtual storage and attested to the quality of service. Investment in cloud computing is so high, the experts estimated that the storage is “cloud” does not stop growing. Physical hard disks continue to be used for a long time. However, they will have to coexist with their virtual versions and cloud storage.

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