Managers Increase Investment In Digital Marketing in India

  • August 18, 2014
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08Ninety-seven percent of managers of online commerce in India plan to increase their investments in digital marketing. The main priorities for the year 2014 were to increase conversion rates, brand recognition and activation of new customers. But getting it is not easy. Information is State Of Search Marketing: India 2014, conducted by Exact Target.

Entrepreneurs reported the following investment focus:

  • 80% plan to increase content management;
  • 77% intend to increase the data analysis (CRM and Big Data);
  • 72% do not give up the social media marketing;
  • 71% stake in e-mail marketing;
  • And 70% in SEO.

Check out the points that should be strengthened:

Relationship with the client

The idea is to map the points of customer interaction. Channels like Google, e-mail marketing, social networking, website, mobile, physical stores, among others and improve them, increasing the potential for conversion and recurring purchases.

Knowing the customer

Collect and store data about customers. Do this through different channels. Join the most common social networks or focus on a specific network.

Email Marketing

Watch your customer relationships in these four stages: acquisition, activation, retention and engagement. Identify gaps in the stages mentioned campaigns and adopt to ensure that in all of them there is involvement with their customers.

Social Networks

Do not attack on all channels. Come softly, choose one or two. Afterwards, think about successful strategies for other channels. Set goals and to measure the return, whenever possible.


Campaigns on smartphones can be good. Evaluate whether mobile marketing is suitable to your business. Check from the amount of hits made by tablets and mobile phones. Responsive design for a website can be beneficial, adopt (if you have not used this model in your website).


Everyone likes to be unique and special. Work with personalized messages of high quality and great potential returns, collecting data that you can.

Customize communication in e-mail marketing, social media, mobile and cross channel.

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