Misconceptions About Automation in Data Center

Automation brings many benefits to the data center services like better service levels, less operational costs and above all an improved performance for the data center. But still organizations are afraid of adapting to data center automation. Ignoring the current some of the advancements made in automation in data centers previous developments added pointless complications and frailty to the whole process which resulted in some misconceptions about the data center. Some of the most common misconceptions about automation in data center are as follows –

Large amount of money is needed for professional consultants and services.

This is one of the common disbelief about automation in data center that you need a large staff of experts and various types of services to start automation in data center services. With a commonly available automation tool your technical staff can easily start the automation progress and within few days can start production. This as simple as it looks you don’t need long scripts, coding, or any kind of special development.

Automation will result in job loss of many employees

There is no need of evaluating whether your staff is talented enough to handle all the projects you have. IT staff is not removed by automation, instead it frees the staff from some of the important repetitive tasks. Once free from such tasks they can concentrate on other important and logical working processes which will be helpful in development of business.

Automation will increase complexity

Automation is not for increasing complexity but it eased down many processes. Another common misconception about data centers automation is that it is not for all the processes. Automation offer flexibility and it can automate whole process or few steps within a process, whichever suits you better. Also in both the ways you can add checkpoints at suitable intervals to make it more simple.

Automation will change everything

Automation works in such a process that it will increase productivity and won’t change your process significantly. A successful automation tool will help you to automate and arrange all your existing process taking care of the operational measures which are followed in your company.


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