Modules for Data Centers in India

  • October 08, 2014
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Modules for Data CentersOn one of the process streams offline discussed solutions for modular data centers

Modules are offered by their developers for the construction of new, and to expand the existing data center. These modules include building construction, including walls, ceilings, floors and a raised floor, forming a space for communication and computer equipment, they are also equipped with systems engineering.

Among the significant advantages of the data center, built from reconfigure modules include reducing the time to create and put into action by a very considerable reduction in the design, to minimize the construction work, permits and approvals of any kind.

Modules are ready-to-use objects that are tried and tested during the manufacturing process engineering systems, which come fully prepared for operation. Module manufacturers are trying to increase their energy efficiency and offer engineering solutions that deliver, according to published reports, a much smaller value of the coefficient PUE, than those which characterize the power consumption of a number of traditional domestic data center.

In Modular Solutions and Data Center on Demand, ESDS presented “Build a Datacenter” Solution in the Indian market. The PUE value for complex cooling, according to developers, is not more than 1.06. This is achieved largely by direct cooling outside air with high purity.

The modules can be placed for 1, 4, 10 or 20 racks, and these values are in fact the “step” scaling data center. Easy scalability, which is carried out without interruption of the provision of IT services, as well as the gradual build-up of performance and power systems engineering support for the development of complex IT companies consider as important advantages of modular solutions. The scope of supply includes software management infrastructure based on eMagic Data Center Infrastructure Management Suite (DCIM Software) with the functions of remote administration.

Infrastructure modules (for their used containers length of 40 or 53 feet) are designed for installation of IT equipment, power and cooling systems. They are designed for rapid deployment and can be used for the development of existing data centers and create new objects.

Indian data center contains a dozen 10-kilowatt racks, redundant Row-conditioners, UPS, providing automatic fire-extinguishing system and access control.

The largest project is our own data center in India, received Tier III data center certification. This data center has an area of 30,000 sq.ft and a power consumption of 1.1 MW, built from 38 modules.

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