Passive Immersion Cooling

Servers work 24X7 and therefore they generate immense heat. Performance of servers is decreased because of the heat produced. Cooling is one of the most important part of Data Centers industry and millions of dollars are spent every year to find out the best and cheapest solution to keep servers cool, for optimum performance.

Now external cooling is not enough to keep the servers cool, there should be another way of removing heat from the computer equipments and serves in data center. Heat removal from these equipments is getting harder day by day because of their reducing size with time and technology. Best possible way to keep machines cool and with low cost operating is passive immersion cooling.

Recently a number of new cooling techniques have been developed to remove high heat fluctuations. In these cooling methods an patient contact is required between electronic equipment and coolant liquid.

Latest development in the field of immersion cooling is passive immersion cooling. it’s a module with no moving parts. Electronic components are immersed in the liquid which acts like a heat transmitter. Liquid or coolant used in this process is mostly mineral oil. This whole process is called passive immersion because there are no pumps used to move the liquid. Once the equipment is immersed in the coolant everything is left to free convection.

Entire system components are submerged in coolant liquid. Coolant used is a special non-corrosive, flouro carbon, dielectric liquid. Aluminum or cooper plates are used to keep the liquid cool. Heat is transferred directly from components to the liquid and because of the convection heated liquid moves upward and colder liquid moves towards cold plates. Hence cooled liquid flows towards heated equipments keeping them cool.

Going with Data Center Services is worth as it helps to reduce your server management and free’s your time to produce more productivity from your business.

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