Password Protected Directories using cPanel

  • September 07, 2013
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For some reason you want to set password for some of your directories, cpanel do offer you a tool using which you can set passwords for certain directories. You can password protect multiple directories with multiple usernames and password. You can do it using .htaccess file, no technical work is needed, cpanel will create all necessary files for this. You just need to enter usernames and password for all users to whom you want to give access to these protected directories. You can also add, edit and delete any user you want anytime using cPanel. You can have multiple password protected directories for your site hosted on dedicated server or any type of other hosting service.

cpanel logo Password Protected Directories using cPanel when you password protect your directories you can store sensitive information in them which can be only access by allowed users and not by general public, so such information is protected from spammers and hackers.

Using this feature you can have a secure area for your site which can be only access by your staff and other allowed users, this can be used for sharing information over the net so it’s very useful for sharing private information.

Most important thing to remember is that .htaccess method is not totally secure as compare to system based on PHP/MySQL as all the user credentials are stored in plain text format rather than encrypted password protected database. .htaccess method can be useful for those who have little technical knowledge and security is not a major issue for their directories.

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