Pros and Cons of Colocation

Colocation services is a type of hosting service which allows companies to buy rack space in Data Centers. There they store their own server equipment. Facilities provided by these Data Centers is purposely built for Colocation hosting services. By following this way companies can have their own servers without placing them on their won campus. There are many customers placed in these Data Centers, but each one of them have their own server and space. Colocation have many advantages but there are few backdrops also when compared to regular or basic web hosting. Going against normal hosting in Colocation hosting you owes the server and have full access and control over the server. You can also upgrade it if you want it to be. Mechanical and power systems are much more powerful and so speed of the speed can be much faster. Since your server are placed somewhere far from office site, internal networks are freed from the extra load and can be used for some other purpose. Best advantage however for Colocation hosting is Bandwidth. For Bandwidth is cheaper as it shared between many clients. Backup protection of Colocation centers, even in the situation of some natural disaster or other threat your website can continue to run. Colocation is best suited for small business as they can have the features of large IT department without spending much. Some Colocation centers even charge more for maintenance and management of the servers.

Now everything has darker side, with Colocation as there are advantages there are disadvantages too. Although Colocation services are cheaper then having your own server, but it is too costly when compared to normal hosting. Therefore many people consider basic web hosting as best is they are provided with all the requirements. Also initially you have to a lot of money to the Data Center for server. And even after paying for the server you still have to pay for the Bandwidth, mostly on the monthly basis. Cost of the bandwidth fluctuates as per the usage. Of large amount of Data is transferred during the month then it will cost you more. As the rate fluctuate month by month you will find it difficult to draw an average scale. Whenever your equipment needs up- gradation you will have to pay more. So there are both plus and negative points in colocation servers and it depends on you what to choose according to the needs of your business.

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