Reasons To Outsource Data Center Services

Security (87%), cost (73%) and the need for qualified technicians (63%) are the main reasons to outsource data center services.

Security is the main reason because of which, leading companies needs to outsource their data center services. That’s one of the main conclusions of a study that is released after interviewing 300 CIOs of companies with more than 800 employees throughout India.

Thus, two thirds of Indian companies claimed that they are going to use external Data Centers India services in the coming years to meet increased costs and increased complexity that involves in managing data center services

But there are also other factors such as energy efficiency which has started to take weight on the decision to outsource the data center services. Thus, it is noteworthy that one third of respondents identified at Indian level need to reduce CO2 emissions which is one of the biggest challenges in this regard.

Managing Data Center is pretty much expensive as security needs both physical and technological infrastructures themselves and the cost of specialized technical personnel 24 x 7 are very high. The study confirms that there is an increase in demand for Managed Data Center Services India and will continue so in the coming years, as the providers of these services offer security, flexibility and more trained professionals to provide solutions to systems Critics of Indian businesses.

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