Rightsizing Servers

Commonly people consider performance with speed. If go deeply and find the meaning of the word performance in dictionary it will be defined as how good something performs the functions or actions for which its is assigned. When you are dealing with servers in Data Center Services, you should care for more than speed. Traditionally speed is measured according to latency and response time.

Cost effective measures are also important. To understand this more fact take an example of automobiles or cars, there will be different customers. One who are interested in mileage will not care for speed of the car. What they want from their car is maintainability and all other criteria related to economy. Going the same way when you look at servers you care more for performance per watt, performance per dollar per watt and performance per dollar. Data Center Services admins discover the definite energy consumption and how much work is done with that energy.

Look at the performance of your CPU systems in real world. Mostly the memory sizes which are produced by used benchmarks is smaller then the amount of limited disk I/O. This is the reason why CPU utilization in the industry is so low and thus the balance of server systems are not well. Solution for the problem includes using balanced servers which use main platform resources like memory, disk, network and CPU in a right manner. Another option to solve the problem is to use fewer memory in order to have fewer disk admissions. Although this process adds a little cost to you but it can help you to improve the performance to a great level.

Performance defines cost effectiveness of your business process. Along with performance and cost consider power too. Working of benchmarks may get affected by the working environments of your company. So it is suggested that these companies create their own workload process. These process will be more effective in finding out the activities of the applications used by your servers.


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