Save Money and Energy with Virtualization

Virtualization is seen as solution to reduce the towering costs of IT sector specially in  hardware section. Data Center efficiencies can also be improved by virtualization. Data Center which are virtualized will allow you  many benefits, like:

Trouble-free Management —  Management is simplified to grass root level in Server virtualization. Its gives administrators more time to concentrate on other important and practical tasks. With virtualizing many applications on a single storage architecture will save you a lot of effort, training cost and most important of all time. Also the error possibilities are reduced to a great extent, since the whole environment is simplified.

Infrastructure Optimized — Building multiple systems with low utilization can cost you a lot. Instead of this virtualization will cost you less with high optimization. Servers that are offering you different services can be combined on high performance boxes, which can save a lot of money and will instantly optimize your environment.

Choosing Right Applications — Before building an infrastructure which can optimize your applications, first you should find out what kind of service levels these application require. So focus on resources needed by important application more willingly than less important application.

Fast Recovery — virtual infrastructures are good and fast at recovering into former states of server systems. Pillar Axiom are good at this and can help with replication and CDP ( Content Delivery Platform). It also use snapshots for full copies of data and fast creation of point-in-images.

Greener and Cleaner — Virtualization reduce the quantity of physical hardware inside a Data Center. A lot of energy and power which used in cooling and other purposes in traditional Data Centers can be save by virtualization. Saving energy directly effects your cost of operating, by reducing it considerably. Your Data Center will be eco-friendly and cost effective because of multi-protocol capability with additional features like thin provisioning.

Automation — Vmware API easily perform ordinary tasks LUN provisioning, with the help of power command line interface provided by Pillar. Another awesome feature is Pillar’s Dynamic Performance Manager which allow users to create automated policies. Thus reducing overall complexity that related with storage administration.

Flexible Scalability —  Most important advantage associated with virtualization is their scalability. Axioms allow you to scale both capacity in a simple manner and I/O bandwidth. Scalability is huge and a single system can scale data upto 800 TB.

Future Prospect —  Requirements and demands in IT sector keeps on changing, so instead of updating your equipments again and again which will cost you a lot of money, virtualization is a better option. Hardware independent server systems with Pillar Axioms storage solutions plays most important role in virtualized environments. Reason is simple since these systems are free of any changes and they are related to physical servers.

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