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Factors That Are Of Prime Concern To A Data Center

Letting others take care of managing your server might not seem to be an ideal solution for you, but it is definitely is a cost-effective solution. Moreover it is a sensible step to house a server in a reliable data center facility than in you your own house and maintain it by yourself.

In India, there...

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Difficulties With Managing a Data Center

You need a data center services provider when you are having many servers to maintain. Now, maintaining a data center on your own can be quite difficult. The difficulty is not with just technical knowledge, but more in the fact that organizations have to look at managing the data center rather than focusing on their...

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What Companies Need To Know About ‘Middleware’?

Outside of the tech world, the word middleware is not so important as well. But four decades ago few visionaries, scholars invented the term that is still so used and so little known in the IT market. The introduction took place in the area of distributed systems and, since then, all that lies between the...

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The Right Plan for Disaster Recovery

Imagine if an unforeseen or of a sudden, something unusual happens in a registry office, making activities paralyzed. What to do? Where to run? Widespread confusion takes place and the public dissatisfied leaves empty-handed, without completing his mission. And if this continues for several days?

The scene was almost a nightmare. It is precisely to avoid...

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Data Storage Systems (Part IV)

When building a system backup and recovery solutions, it require two major tasks:

Reduction “backup windows (time stop applications – zero downtime); Reducing traffic data backup and cost of computing resources.

In the first task while shutting down the application can be minimized by using special techniques, such as the creation of snapshots, the...

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