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Tier System in Data Center

A famous term associated with Data Centers is tier standards. Tier standards can be defined as standardized channels used to figure out availability in a data centers. Tier system is very much important for all the data centers let it be Fully Managed Data Centers India or partially managed data centers. Tier system...

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Remote Graphics Unit Explained

A System which permit computer system to be separated from output/input devices like mouse, keyboard, display monitors, audio speakers is called a Remote Graphics Unit (RGU). Graphics sub-system of the computer is the main part being remoted. Typically there are three main causes behind using separate user interface of a computer from the...

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19-inch rack – most famous rack type

19-inch rack is the most famous standardized enclosure used for mounting multiple equipment modules. In a 19-inch rack there is a front panel 19 inches wide with ears that stick out on each side allowing modules to be fastened to the rack frame with screws. Rack-mount instrument, rack-mount, rack mountable, subrack, a rack...

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KVM switch review

A hardware device which allows users to control multiple computers from a single mouse, video monitor or keyboard is called a KVM switch. KVM is an abbreviation for Keyboard, Visual Display Unit, Mouse or Keyboard, SEO, Video, Mouse. Multiple Computers can be connected to KVM, but usually only few computers are controlled at...

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What is Data Center Bridging

Augmentation of Ethernet local areas networks for the use in Data Center this whole process is known as Data Center Bridging. The Task Group of IEEE 802.1’ Work Group carries out the efforts to improve the quality. Ethernet is traditionally a primary network protocol in Data Centers for computer to computer...

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