The benefits of using Colocation Solutions

  • October 19, 2013
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For medium and large enterprises, colocation service can provide a tremendous benefit in terms of cost and performance when compared to the same hosting of in-house systems. Choosing this type of service is good for the company that needs less financial resources and does not require a physical space to put extra web server. If you cannot build your own data center, why not share one with other companies? Putting the cost and convenience aside, a solution of colocation can offer too many benefits to your business.

Therefore, we decided to publish this article on what are the benefits of using Colocation solutions so you can discover why you should use this kind of solutions if you need to have your own web server.

Physical Security

Even with advanced security systems that can be installed, nothing really prevents a person or an employee get angry in the office where the web servers are located. The easiest and most common way to steal important data is to remove the disc. While I could invest in backups, video surveillance and armed guards, colocation is one of the safest ways to protect your data.

Effective Energy Management

A good colocation space will offer you the necessary energy resources at a level that is very rewarding. Data centers offer full services, with protection, multiple backup batteries and diesel generators to compensate for electrical problems. Their services also come with professional equipment and that most companies can not afford. If you choose to have your own data center internally in the company, you may be at risk of losing data and suffer from various problems of lack of light, among other disasters.

Bandwidth available

Although you has not yet done the math, in most cases you’re only using a small part of the bandwidth but pay more. However, if you have a web server in-house, you will end up paying a lot more money to compensate for traffic spikes, and have to pay for a line of high output that is much more expensive. When renting bandwidth for colocation company, you will end up paying a small percentage of bandwidth you need today. Because many data centers have large fiber optic cables, if something happens you will always have problems solved.

Environmental protection

A data center can protect your data and keep servers connected on several conditions. If you choose a well-built Fully Managed Data Center, you will be protected against floods as well as other environmental conditions, such as earthquakes and air pollution. How much extra protection? Well, for the most part, the cost is shared between you and the other companies that have equipment housed in the data center. Consider that a well-built data center is not cheap, and is more effective in terms of cost sharing space with other companies that have their own data center.

Any business that is looking to improve their network servers or put online should consider colocation hosting. This solution will give you all the benefits that could not have had if the web server in your online business. This is the right move, so join a list of data centers in your city or country and choose carefully.

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