The Importance Of M2M In The Revolution Of The ‘Internet of Things’

  • February 09, 2015
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M2M-Machine-To-MachineLast year, according to a survey done by the Gartner Group, India generated 144 billion dollars in revenues of products and services related to information technology segment. These data position the country as the main emerging market after China. India is a country where companies from around the world outsource services, we can see the huge potential for our local and global market.

There is a notable increase in demand for products and services and bringing revolution in “Internet of Things”. In fact, today there are 55 technology centers distributed throughout India, with a few more in the planning stages.

However, companies considering adopting M2M technology into their products to enter the segment of the “Internet of Things” comes mostly out of the industries related to telecommunications; and further out of the M2M.

  • The machine to machine communication, the increasingly popular M2M, allows all kinds of appliances and electronic products gain a jump in utility. It delivers benefits to users as it adds a new aircraft and existing connectivity to the Internet or operations for monitoring networks and can remove wires to connect devices with sensors, monitors and other peripherals; while also enabling these products GPS function and location.
  • So as companies that achieved success and remained there in hard economic reality of today, with its core competence and deep understanding of your business, negotiating with the complexities of M2M at the expense of their own focus.
  • Adopt M2M as a value for a business is a difficult decision. More so when companies and individuals who take this decision understand and succeed in their own industries, but generally do not have in-depth knowledge to comfortably navigate the M2M space.
  • However, this is something that companies need to urgently consider. With more and more devices connected, this type of value becomes increasingly essential for end consumers. At this point, they may also have to rely on a strong internet connection like the ones ATT internet plans can provide. The key to a successful integration into M2M is to select the right providers that provide the hardware, software and services needed. A good supplier can help with issues from the coverage of connectivity to the physical dimensions of the device, among other things. This is all to be part of the Internet of Things, an economic segment that will generate, according to a survey by Cisco, 14 trillion in a decade in which the M2M represent 45% of this total, and 50 billion things will be connected by 2020.
  • There are companies that invest today in local factories to produce hardware and M2M technologies to the specific needs of Market. There are also regional offices that provide local support and services to help businesses to join the Internet revolution of Things. The start has been given, and the finish line is the future.


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