The Right Plan for Disaster Recovery

Imagine if an unforeseen or of a sudden, something unusual happens in a registry office, making activities paralyzed. What to do? Where to run? Widespread confusion takes place and the public dissatisfied leaves empty-handed, without completing his mission. And if this continues for several days?

The scene was almost a nightmare. It is precisely to avoid this kind of chaos that is the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that ensures the Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), emphasized in paragraph 281 of Provision 42/2012 of the Internal Affairs Office of Justice.

Thus, the care of the infrastructure and processes must be redoubled, not enough to have copies of the data in or out of the registry office. It is necessary that the establishment is prepared to respond to any event that has the potential to paralyze the activities, through dematerialisation of procedures registries and electronic bookkeeping, making intensive use of the systems processing and storage.

With the experience of over 8 years, ESDS, a data center service provider and developer of software units in India, is prepared to assist business organizations in preparing personalized DR Solutions. For this, our professionals together with the notary professionals, work in unison to identify the risks so that the property is exposed and which are the systems, services and essential facilities that should be protected by this plan and how, in the event of failures, recover systems and data efficiently, safely and quickly.

“We believe that only with a project designed specifically and that fall outside the peculiarities, specialties, size and volume of each notary service, all alternatives can be evaluated, selected the best options and costs better suited to fulfill this important recommendation “guarantees, Piyush Somani, MD and CEO of the company.

Moreover, ESDS also offers Backup in the Cloud, the only backup system to entirely registries that copies of the databases every day and provides copies of the “e-protocol” in Data Center located in the country.

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