The Right Time To Take Your SME Into The Clouds


The advantages of storage systems for cloud and production are high and each day many new options are available in the market and new paradigms are broken. In the storage area, for example, have several options in the cloud like Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive and Cloud Backup.

The options for cloud services for SMEs raise companies in other administrative and strategic because it takes into account the archiving of information safely.

Among the many advantages, the main thing about cloud computing is the ability of SMEs do their hiring by the number of users or the duration of the contract without paying a high cost.

With cloud computing services we can consider three important goals in their use:

1) The safety requirements fit easily in the cloud, companies are quite reluctant in relation to the security conditions in a given system, especially if the company is with their transactions in electronic commerce. This is the case of Paypal, which uses third-party tools and cloud-based.

2) The profitability makes security is more profitable: In addition to the costs to acquire the appropriate hardware and software, you also need to spend on maintenance and upgrades. With this cloud service is already included in the contract.

3) The focus of our activities is on productivity: Otherwise it has specialized or technical services, the cloud allows you to maintain information security with respect to electrical problems or low likelihood of cyber attacks, so the company will be free from worry assustos with technology that are beyond their expertise and activities may focus on what is really important for their development.

ESDS has a dedicated department for SMEs that offers services in a practical way, without facing the complexity and costs inherent in a local implementation.

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