Top 10 Trends of Data Centers in 2010

The Year 2010 will change many things about Data Centers, it is expected that some powerful and strong technological advancements will change the view of data centers. 2010 will be completely different for data centers from the previous few years. Here are the few points which are expected to be changed in data centers:

  • Cooling System –  first and the most important one is cooling, slowly data centers are moving towards the liquid cooling. Credit for this change goes to IBM for bringing much revolutionary Z11 mainframe which are provided with water cooler options. It is believed that liquids are 4000 times more beneficial than air when it comes to removing heat. This kind of liquid cooling is suitable for the highest density deployments like (High Performance Computing) HPC.
  • Because of the reason that cooling, data feeds and power will be supplied from above the importance of raised floor plans will drop. Raised floors were never loved in the areas where rolling and static load is high. And after all it is much easier to deliver and maintain power inputs and cables from above.
  • Flywheels will take place of the traditional lead acid batteries and UPS for AC power protection executions. This is also important from the perspective of competence and preservation specially in the developed countries where rules are very strict about correct disposal of heavy metals.
  • Layout for the data center will change forever as the importance of manual patch pattern will reduce and will be replaced by join edge networks with some smart switching options.
  • DC power options will be more famous in data center services for the IT equipments. Some modern data centers will even offer both DC and AC options. This will help in utilizing better efficiency of DC and eventually increasing reliability.
  • Dependency on data center infrastructure will reduce as reliability will continuously sift towards application layer. Important basics will concentrate on repetition of the technology and high quality networks in order to allow swift migration of data between sites.
  • Backup generators will be replaced by new technology called CHP ( Combined Heat and Power) plant, specially in the data centers situated in city centers. This is because of the fact that power grids are no longer famous and efficient as they were few years ago.
  • Virtualization will continue to grow let it be network, server or storage. Operational efficiency will be replaced by operational flexibility and this will be important for the change in critical application space.
  • Colocation will loose importance to data centers hosting. Data centers hosting will be preferred by IT as a service offering since business will most probably shift to cloud computing models.
  • Locality of data centers will change and they will be no longer be in situated in outskirts of cities. Myth of choosing data centers near corporate headquarters will not be preferred any more. Moreover because of the power restrictions in city centers Data centers will be left with the choice of providing receptive applications only.



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