Unlimited Hosting Services?

When we have a look at the term “unlimited web hosting”, we consider it as a hosting package with no limits. Web Hosting providers hardly believe on this. While doing some search on the Internet for a “web hosting services” keyword you may see that unlimited hosting and unlimited bandwidth which are pretty popular selling tools these days.

Let’s take a closer look on these advertised unlimited hosting services:

Everyone who use hosting services knows that every server needs hard-disks and considering personal computers as a server and hard disks as storage unit. This means, every hard disk is having  a limit and it’s practically not possible to provide unlimited storage hosting service.

Along with the hard disk capacity, costs of managing a data center or even leasing data center serversis pretty much costly. In fact, even if we consider bandwidth that is provided with the hosting package or a Data Center Services Indian provider is definitely charged by them.

So, lastly, don’t get fooled with the word “unlimited” and understand that nothing comes for free.

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