Unseen Dangers of a Cheap Colocation Facility

Final aim of a colocation facility is  to deliver 100% uptime, for this a colocation facility requires many other provisions like redundant power systems, sufficient cooling, and intelligent cooling. 100% uptime is impossible to imagine without these systems. When choosing a colocation facility always remember that there is something more important than money. There are few things to be checked about data centers like:

  • Support and Security
  • Facility system maintenance should be planned and long term.
  • Whole infrastructure should be monitored properly.
  • Disaster Management

Security and Support

People working in a colocation facility has a big impact on the customers. There are many colocation facilities which operate remotely for saving cost, but the one which are manually operated have a different impact on customers. If your colocation facility is maintained and monitored by an expert team, it will surely help in increasing a reliability and uptime guarantee. Just like monitoring support of your colocation facility should also be there 24X7. Best data centers have a 24X7 support. Having an on-site personnel is like investing money in good deal, not only it will give customers a good impact about the facility but also it will help you to maintain and monitor your servers and any problems can be fixed more swiftly. Having maintenance without security is  useless and anybody can cause damage or harm to your data center. Security is an important feature for business round the globe let it be health management or gaming. It is important to secure your server because these server store valuable information of your customers. On-site personnel also plays an important role in security just like support.

Monitoring of servers 24X7

Monitoring servers round clock help in increasing uptime, and if you want to make your data center services available round the clock monitor servers 24X7. A low cost colocation facility cannot fulfill the need of 24X7 monitoring of your servers and thus making your servers susceptible to various failures and other power issues. On the other hand a superior class colocation facility offers you a application and server monitoring programs. with a high class facility issues like overuse, performance deviation and fluctuations can be detected easily. It is difficult to notify customers about the problems without monitoring. Mostly data centers cut costs in server maintenance.


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