Usefulness And Usability of Cloud Hosting

Today, we can see many articles written on the usefulness and usability in general about the pros and cons of cloud hosting.

What’s interesting (not interesting), if we talk more about the duration of the test than on productive use of:

1. No fees for initial setup and incoming traffic, a small number of cloud Storage, there is no additional charge for licensed Windows / SuSe / RHEL.

2. When you disconnect the machine IP and data do not disappear. It is quite convenient to include the instance only when needed, rather than keep them “not to bathe with the consequences”

3. Payment in fact – for the allocated resources. Prices start at 20 cents per hour from the words of marketing – in practice, interesting tests are expensive, but 100 USD promotional balance is quite enough to drive system for own pleasure. At minimum settings, it will suffice for a month somewhere in the park from a pile of servers with the balancer will hold free of charge up to the week (hours).

4. The system uses dorothy balancer F5, you can partake their features, if your project do not cope well with HAproxy and nginx, Squid and you do not like, it can be bad experience.

5. Socket pretty imprisoned under the control of a bunch of servers, using images from BitNami roll out fleet of vehicles and there are a number of their own images, and images of community.

6. For lovers of automating a RESTful API and implementation for major languages. Cloud hosting is supported abstraction through libcloud, probably automatic management through infrastructure.

Cloud Hosting

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