What Are Data Centers Exactly?

Professional Accommodation

A professional catering which is organized for space that is reserved for the servers of paramount importance. Whatever type of accommodation, the servers are located in special rooms, are called Data Centers.

Data Centers

A Data Center is organized into compartments, lockers that can accommodate elements in spaces of standard size, with a width of 19 inches (48.26 cm).

Choice Of Accommodation

  • The storage space allocated, the bandwidth and power of the server that hosts the site are certainly important, but are not the only factors to consider while choosing data centers India services.
  • Indeed, for firms, the unavailability of the site or loss of data can prove very costly! Thus, most of the  data centers  offers guarantee for the security of servers.
  • Security of physical access to the data center, because of access control (badge, magnetic card, possibly biometrics), and a video surveillance system on a permanent security service. Furthermore, the compartments are locked with a system of locks and sometimes equipped with mechanisms for intrusion detection.
  • Security against fire, thanks to fire detection systems for particle analysis (called Smoke Detection Alarm) system coupled to a fire extinguishing gas.
  • Ensuring the environment: regulation of humidity (moisture content) and temperature through an air conditioning and the presence of an air extractor, often placed in the upper compartment, and fans sometimes installed at the bottom.
  • Redundancy of power feeds, from critical infrastructure (routers, air conditioning, etc.). And the relationship of Internet connection and the presence of inverters, or even generators.
  • Ensuring quality of service (QoS) and the recovery time of operation in case of malfunction (GTR: Guaranteed Time Restoration). Moreover, the accommodations usually offer additional services that may be useful or even indispensable.
  • Mechanisms of copies (backup) automated. Reboot of power distribution unit (PDU, Power Distribution Unit) that is, a system of electrical outlets that can be independently controlled through a web interface. The plugs commonly used are called MasterSwitch taken APC (APC stands for American Power Conversion Corporation). This type of outlet is usually with protection against power surges.
  • Telephone verification  for restarting the server remotely. Generally, the operator asks for a passphrase, and eventually personal information, to make sure about the identity of the client.
  • Provision of a filtering service through firewall.
  • How is traffic surveillance (monitoring). It is, in most cases, the system MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher), which allows graphing the traffic load on network links.
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