What is bandwidth on demand?

  • November 06, 2014
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Although the service bandwidth on demand is something that does not exist in all industrialized countries, is giving successful in some sites could be something spread everywhere within some time. The bandwidth on demand offers mobile broadband with a prepaid basis (Mobile Internet). A person registered to this service pay for one day of use, for a week or a month living with access to the Internet. This service provides temporary connectivity to people who do not want or do not need to have constant access to the network. Can also be used as an adjunct to other established service, which can be used when the standard Internet connection does not work for some reason. This instant access to the Internet from almost anywhere, it is through phone towers.

This type of service is usually more expensive than other delivery plans, but also quite comfortable in many circumstances. With this service you can have anytime access to the Internet while we’re on a bus, in the park, on the beach or anywhere where there is a telephone service, and you do not have a fixed contract with a company. To access this service, a user must first purchase a card for PC or USB device that can handle the protocols between the computer and the provider of the mobile bandwidth. If you choose another provider, card or device to that service is required.

Once the device is inserted into the port or slot, just type the credentials and an advance payment for the period of time needed. Normally, the minimum time required is a full day, where prices vary by provider and location. There are certain limits on the amount of data that can be downloaded without any additional charges to the contracted time. If you go past the limit, it will start charging for downloaded megabytes, in the same way that happens when you pass the time in a telephony service. This prevents the network from collapsing by a massive discharge use. In most cases, the limit is sufficient.

Most of all mobile network companies offer Mobile internet services (EDGE, 2G and 3G on Mobile). In many cases, you need to have a contract with a specific company to qualify for the service. Speeds vary significantly depending on the provider, the network traffic, the quality of the connection and the user’s location at any given time. Before deciding on a mobile provider, be sure to check the coverage maps and networks available in the area. Good coverage is important if we are going to move a lot of back and forth. Bandwidth on Demand provides access to a secure connection in emergencies or when no other form of connectivity available. It is also a good choice to travel both nationally and internationally.


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