What is Client Server?

Client Server

Client server networking or computing helps in partitioning tasks or distributing work load between service providers and service requester’s, who are known as clients. Client Server is a distributed application architecture. It is seen that frequently servers and clients operate on a computer network on separate hardware. Server machines which share its resources with its clients, are high-performance host running one or many server programs. On the other hand a client does not have to share any of its resources, but on the other hand requests a servers service function. As a result clients begin communication sessions with servers which listen to incoming requests. There are many advantages associated with client servers, like:

  • Data is stored on the servers, thus providing the clients a greater security than client machines. Also Servers control the access and resources in a more proper way only appropriate clients are allowed to access and change data.
  • Client server technologies are available for the use which were initially designed for friendliness and security of the user interface.
  • Can function with multiple clients of each with different capabilities.
  • Client server architecture allow the responsibilities of computing system to be spread amongst many independent computers which are connected to each other with network. It makes it more easy to be maintained, for an instance it is possible to upgrade, relocate or repair servers with clients remain unaffected and unaware of the process.
  • Update in the data is easier to control then the P2P pattern, since the data is centralized .

Everything has brighter and darker sides, client server with lost of advantages got a lot of disadvantages too like:

  • Client server lacks robustness of P2P network. Like under the circumstances of critical server fail clients requested cannot completed.
  • Traffic jamming on the network is one of the most common issue since the beginning of client server pattern. Server can become overload if client requests to a given server increases.

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