What is DCML (Data Center Markup Language)?

The Data Center Markup Language or better known as DCML is a an XML based condition which is used for representing main contents of data centers and also the information used in managing all those components. With the combination of OASIS DCML is developed by Data Center Markup Language Interest Group. Development of DCML started in early 2004, when it was first seen in its draft form.

To understand DCML can be used for linking a server monitoring system with server provisioning system. By doing this next time when a new server is provisioned it will be monitored automatically. In such case the DCML document that is transmitted to the monitoring system includes information regarding the IP address and all the other special services running on that machines and special ports that will be monitored as well.

Other important information like the application server belongs to and in the case of server goes down whom should be contacted . All the information is imported into the system of NOC personnel, which can use in the case of any alert occurs. Framework specifications of DCML are used to define overall concepts structures and approach to DCML’s manipulation of all the Data centers India elements along with policies governing their management.

DCML allows people and systems managing data center services and other IT environments to exchange policy, operating information and configuration in a standardized manner which works on a wide range of products and processes. Below given are the few process which are possible with a given set of unified DCML description:

  • Replace or remove components
  • Permit communication between various data center management systems
  • Expansion of functions like adding services or servers
  • Configuring and reconfiguring newly added software and hardware


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